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Invitation - Design Awards

Save the Date: Deadline is on February 28.

World's largest and most international design accolade, participants from all countries, all industries, competing for design excellence.
Coveted, famed, prestigious. Grand Jury Panel, fair evaluation.
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We would like to cordially invite you to nominate your packaging designs for A’ Design Award 2021 edition for fame, prestige, recognition and international publicity.

Send us your Good Design Work, innovative and well designed products, projects, services, photography, graphics and designs including but not limited to your latest work for award consideration today.

Bring attention to your work by obtaining the A' Design Award, the symbol of international design excellence and design quality. 

Late Deadline for entries is on February 28th, 2021

Upload & Nominate Your Work Here:

Results will be published in over 300+ publications in 108 languages. World’s largest and most influential 218 person large jury panel of expert academics, design professionals, artists, architects and influential press members will judge your entries. There is no higher prestige in design field then to obtain the A' Design Award.

Winners will be eligible for the A’ Design Prize which includes a very long list of benefits and services that are designed to create immense publicity, advertisement, marketing to ensure your good design gets the true recognition it deserves, and to ensure the highest returns for you.

Join today to:
1. Gain fame, prestige, publicity, recognition, reputation and marketing.
2. Increase your reach, media coverage, press mentions and advertising.
3. Get an amazing opportunity to boost your career, brand, sales and profits. 

We invited you especially for A' Award for Good Design but you can join any other competition category with your latest works: List of all participation categories are available here: 

See past laureates here:

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Market and Promote Your Design, Product, Project and Services with A' Design Award

Winners get 88+ different services and benefits but please allow us to present you a sub-set of benefits that we feel you need right now; these will help you advertise, market and sell your designs easier, and help you reach prospective clients, consumers and buyers in the most positive manner.

Presentation of the A' Design Award:



Prestigious A’ Design Award Winner Logo to Increase Your Sales.
Simply placing the A’ Design Award winner logo on your product packaging or service brochure could potentially increase your sales volume significantly.

Get A’ Design Award Winner Logo – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


DesignPRWire Public Relations Campaign and Press Release for Marketing.
Big and important PR Campaign, press release preparation, distribution and pitching of your award-winning work to all major publications.

Get the DesignPRWire Campaign – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


DXGN (Design News Exchange Network) Placement for Good Reputation.
Guaranteed publication and placement of your award-winning work in DXGN Network. See a DXGN member website here:

Get Published at DXGN – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


IDNN (International Design News Network) Inclusion for True International Recognition.
Translation of your award-winning work to 108 languages and publishing them via IDNN Network, reach design oriented buyers in all countries in their native language.

Get Published in 108+ languages via IDNN – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


Acceptance to World Design Rankings for Immense Prestige and Publicity.
Eligible winners are accepted to, included and listed at World Design Rankings, R+ Designer Rankings, DAC – Design Classifications and Popular Designers Index.

Get Listed in World Design Rankings – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


Exhibitions to Advertise You and Your Work.
Guaranteed inclusion in Museo del Design and MOOD Museum of Outstanding Design Exhibitions in Italy and abroad, together with photos and certificates of exhibition.

Get Exhibited and Advertised – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


Certificate of Design Excellence
Successful businesses, brands, designers, architects and agencies use their Certificate of Excellence in Design to promote their products, services and offerings.

Get Your Certificate of Excellence in Design – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


Annual Yearbook of Best Designs in the World
Getting published in the A’ Design Award Yearbook of Best Designs helps you promote your works, projects and products to affluent design oriented audiences worldwide.

Get Published in the Annual of Best Designs – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


Gala Night and Award Ceremony
The La Notte Premio A' brings together the World's most successful architects, designers, and brands under the same root for networking and promotion possibilities.

Get an Opportunity to Join the Award Ceremony – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


Sell Designs, Products and Services
Benefit from inclusion in platforms such as Salone del Designer for marketing and selling your award-winning products, projects and services.

Get an Opportunity to Sell More – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


Exclusive Interviews to Promote You and Your Work
Your design, designer, design of the day and design legends interviews will be heavily promoted and advertised.

Get Interviewed, Promote Your Work and Yourself – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today.


Business Promotion and Reputation Management
Join ListOf.Net, Secret Society of Design, Prime Clubs and World Design Consortium to extend your business possibilities, and to reach prospective clients and leads globally.

Get Business Promotion and Better Reputation – Upload & Nominate Your Work Today


Everything You Need to Market, Advertise and Sell More.
3D Metal Printed Award Trophy, Exclusive Excellence in Design Certificate, Prime Design Mark, Gala-Night, Annual Yearbook Inclusion, Invitation to World Design Consortium and much more, all for you.

Discover complete design prize here:

Get Absolute Recognition, Fame, Prestige and Publicity

Upload & Nominate Your Work Today, start here:


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60 Seconds Video
A-Design Award Video Gala-Night A-Design Award Video Exhibition A-Design Award Video Interview
Thank you very much for having a look at our presentation and laureates. Please kindly forward this communication to all your friends, colleagues and co-workers who would be interested in design and please share our call for nominations at your social networking channels. Please feel free to visit our Best Designs of the World showcase at and share some of the greatest designs in the world with your design oriented audiences. Our official call for entries press release is available here in 40 languages:
Nominate Your Design

Take no risk. If you upload your design within the next 88 hours from receipt of this email, without any fees or costs, and without any obligations to later nominate your design, we will provide you with a free, complimentary preliminary score that tells you how good your design is. Once you have your free score, you yourself will decide, at your sole discretion, whether to proceed and complete your nomination.

Full entry instructions as well as presentation guidelines are here for those aim for perfection:

Get Absolute Recognition, Fame, Prestige and Publicity

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