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Photo Redistribution

For $149/month you can download any FREE image from picjumbo and upload it into your application (website builder, theme builder, keynote builder, quote creator app etc.) for your users. With this plan you’ll get an XML feed so you can download all images at once (programming skills needed) and stay up to date with growing picjumbo library.

Second option costs $199/month and with this plan you can use any FREE photo from picjumbo + any photo from picjumbo PREMIUM Membership.

With this license your customers can choose backgrounds, website picture elements, blog post covers, content images, ad images or illustrative pictures directly in your app, without leaving your app.

I’m often asked if companies can use picjumbo photos in their website-builders for their customers. As you know, you can use picjumbo images in many ways: app designs, app UI kits, web UI kits, web designs, web templates, web themes and you can include used images in your WordPress/Joomla/etc theme ZIP package. Also, you can use picjumbo photos for your book cover, print it as picture to your living room or company office or use it to design postcards or Christmas letters.

The only thing that isn’t allowed is photo redistribution — this means selling, reselling or resharing the images to download or offering them to use (even for free) in an image library of B2C or B2B apps (website builders, quote creators, etc.).

It’s simple: because picjumbo is an ad-funded website, we need you to download our images here from our website.

And because all of this, I came up with an easy solution: „license“ for using picjumbo photos in your own projects for your customers, members or visitors.

Stock Photos for Your Image Library

No one wants problems with image authorship, we all know it’s very thin ice. It’s very problematic with free photos (there are a lot of stolen photos on other free stock photo websites — yes, I found a lot of my photos reshared by unknown ‘authors’ on other free and even paid stock photo sites multiple times) and very expensive with stock photos. And that’s why I offer this easy solution for you.

All applications will be reviewed to prevent any misunderstanding, so don’t hesitate to contact me.

Here you can apply for Photo Redistribution Plan

I’ll be glad and very happy if your company will be using picjumbo images in its image library.

Photo Redistribution Plans

I will allow almost everything where our photos are meant to be used for creating something new: blog posts, flyers, keynotes, quotes, Instagram Stories, apps etc.

Allowed examples

NOT allowed examples

Note: Would you like to get picjumbo free stock photos on your free stock photo site? We can make it work if you’ll redirect Download button to picjumbo website.

Additional info & terms

I’m ready to answer all your questions, use this form to contact me.

Here you can apply for Photo Redistribution Plan

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