Can I use photos in my templates? Yes.
Can I use photos for commercial works? Yes.
Can I resell images? No.
Can I sell themes with picjumbo images included in the design? Yes.
Can I unsubscribe anytime? Yes, in your Gumroad account.
What is Gumroad? Gumroad, Inc. is our payment processor that keeps all transactions secure so we can focus on delivering photos :)
Where can I find the older collections? You’ll get a link to Dropbox folder with all older collections.
Will I get the link to Dropbox immediately? Yes, you’ll find it in the email from Gumroad with receipt.
Why is it subscription-based? Because you‘ll get new content every month!
How many photos will I get? 30+ new photos every month (sometimes it’s 33, sometimes 100) + instant access to all previous collections. It’s more than 70+ collections with more than 3,000 photos!
What about all the images with logos or trademarks? You’re responsible for how you use the photos. All of these photos can be used as editorial images.
I’m a member. Where can I login to my account? On Gumroad. Through Gumroad you will be receiving new collections and you can access all the received collections in your Gumroad account as well.
Why I can’t download some Categories folders as ZIP file? On Dropbox.com it’s not possible to download folders bigger than 1 GB as ZIP file. But you can download these folders via the Desktop app. More about this here »
Can you give me an invoice? Yes, you can generate it in email receipt.
Can I get a VAT refund? Yes, you can. See this article on Gumroad.
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